August Book Crate 2017

  • Queens of Geek YA Book by Jen Wilde
  • Glitter & Geeks artwork by Mokiitan
  • 2 x Handmade bookmarks by ourselves
  • A bookish candle by ourselves
  • A lovely succulent from Ikea
  • A custom-made photo “fuck everything else” (frame from Ikea)
  • A lovely smelling Figtree Candles homemade hand lotion
  • A custom-made glittery mug to match the box theme

September Book Box 2017

  • Juniper Lemon’s Happiness Index by Julia Israel <3
  • A notepad full of sticky notes for all those amazing pages and quotes you want to come back to
  • Along with a colourful pen to match the great cover of the chosen book
  • Artwork by Mokiitan
  • 2 x bookmarks for the ever so gorgeous books we read
  • A pillowcase that goes very well, written “I need more sleep”, so true!
  • A bath bomb which smells amazing
  • An amazingly scented bookish perfume by Sorcerers Suitcase

October Book Crate 2017

  • BREAKING by Danielle Rollins
  • ‘If Found Please Return to the Library’ t-shirt
  • Halloween socks to keep you warm at night 😉
  • Artwork performed by Mokiitan
  • A handmade soy candle in the scent of bohemian dreams
  • A Halloween bookmark, of course!
  • A fox facemask for trick or treating 😀
  • A handmade Halloween book sleeve
  • And some Halloween decorations

November Book Crate 2017

  • Who’s Afraid? by Maria Lewis (Aussie Author)
  • A personalised Book Crate letter from the Author
  • A postcard featuring Maria’s upcoming new book!
  • Customer made Wolf Earrings
  • A dream catcher to catch all of those evil dreams
  • Artwork performed by the wonderful lovely @janarunneck
  • Wolf Loose Leaf Tea, English breakfast style 😀
  • A custom Who’s Afraid enamel badge


December Book Crate 2017

  • The Tethered Mage by Melissa Caruso
  • An enamel pin featuring a Raven
  • A Raven skull hair accessory
  • A glass tealight holder
  • A glass jar filled with crushed ‘dust’ (beads)
  • Artwork & Bookmark by the wonderfully lovely @janarunneck
  • A matching perfume by Sorcerers Suitcase


January Book Crate 2018

  • Starborn Trilogy by Lucy Hounsom
  • Artwork by @janarunneck
  • A featured cloud enamel pin
  • A vintage coin (very heavy)
  • A huge heart bath bomb (handmade)
  • A large cloud cushion cover
  • A vintage quartz watch
  • A letter from the author

February Book Crate 2018

  • The Hundred Lies of Lizzie Lovett by Chelsea Sedoti
  • A personalised authors letter from Chelsea
  • Artwork with matching bookmark by
  • A handmade coconut body scrub
  • A love heart enamel pin
  • A mixed scented melt by Figtree Candles


March Book Crate 2018

  • Life as a White Trash Zombie by Diana Rowland
  • Lime tea candles
  • Zombie artwork with a matching bookmark by @janarunneck
  • A handmade Coconut & Lime bath salts
  • Enamel Zombie pin

April Book Crate 2018

  • Winter be my Sheild by Jo Spurrier
  • a scarf
  • leg warmers
  • candle melts
  • enamel crow pin
  • sparkling blue necklace
  • tea lights (think Japan)
  • Artwork by @janarunneck


June Book Crate 2018

  • Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng
  • a coin purse for all your goodies
  • a rose gold watch, we have to keep track of time after all
  • a small golden sand timer in the shape of a lantern
  • A love key-ring for your collection
  • Artwork with a matching bookmark by @janarunneck


July Book Crate 2018

  • The Spawn of Lilith by Dana Fredsti
  • a handmade book sleeve by The Book Crate
  • Lip scrub with the scent and taste of maple syrup
  • a soy candle handmade by The Book Crate with the scent of ‘Energy’ (citrus & floral)
  • a love key-ring for your collection
  • a cute little headband to match the artwork…and to hold your hair back when things get serious!
  • Artwork with a matching bookmark by @sncinderart

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