How It All Works…what is the process?

We spend a lot of time reading through hundreds of YA new and upcoming books to try and narrow down which book would be best for the upcoming monthly subscriptions. We value our customers and support Australians along the way by purchasing within this beautiful country to help our fellow people.

It all starts with the book! We make sure to pick the best book for the best monthly box. You will recieve 4 to 6 bookish items with ever box, we ensure that all items are carefully picked for the best use when you recieve your crate.

What’s Inside The Box?

Pick a plan. Sign-up for your monthly Book Crate box. Available in 1 or 3 month options.

Plans start at $35.99 + Shipping

Await impatiently for your crate to be delivered with an amazing new novel with many bookish gifts for your enjoyment.

Un-Box your delightful excitable delivery and enjoy!

# 4 to 6 bookish items
# some speciality items like random t-shirts or a customised mug
# handmade items such as, candles, scrubs, bath bombs, perfumes and book sleeves.
# cards
# professional artwork
# items like candles, keyrings, bracelets, bookmarks etc

We cannot wait to go on this journey with you. We cannot wait to hear all the good things you want to tell us!

No one is too old to read YA.
It’s okay to fall in love with fictional characters.
Books have the ability to change our universe.
If this sounds like something you can relate to, join us today!