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My name is Erin and I live in this crappy city called Sydney within the beautiful country of Australia. I hail originally from a small country town called Wingham, NSW (google it) and am 100% country girl. I love reading, camping, traveling and so much more! I’ve always grown up with a spiritual background and yes I believe in the afterlife/ghosts.

I have a fear of wet public area tiles especially public toilets and showers. I cannot stand on the ground barefoot (gyms, camping bathrooms, other peoples houses). This is my only phobia.

I moved to Sydney 7 years ago when I was 17 to pursue my love of art by studying a Diploma of Graphic Design. I then went on to study the following; Certificate of Small business management, diploma of marketing & Cert 3 in Fitness (strange I know but I love learning about health). While studying and living in Sydney it was very hard to pay rent and bills just on Youth Allowance with Centrelink so I transferred with Big W and worked at the Auburn store of a night time and picked up a job at Hungry Jacks Auburn. This was the hardest period of my young life at 18 as I was working 3 jobs and studying full time…how is that possible you ask? Well let me educate you:

  • I worked from 5am – 11am @ Hungry Jacks
  • Took the train into Circular Quay to study from 1pm to 4pm
  • Then back home to work @ Big W from 7pm to 11pm
  • Then do it all again every day.

Crazy times!

Skip through a few years of partying and drinking.

I met my current partner and I now have my beautiful daughter. Life is crazy busy but I still find time to do what I love, The Book Crate. I love what I do and for a mother, fulltime worker and trying to make this business grow, so I can work for myself, is my long-term goal. I decided to start The Book Crate as I was looking into the current book boxes, they were all too expensive and I couldn’t really locate a good Australian or overseas one.  I decided in August 2016 to release my very first box, Glitter & Geek, I couldn’t have been more excited of how many people purchased our first BOXES!! Its blew my mind to think that so many wonderful people (you) ordered and actually loved my first release.

The excitement and joy still remain and I always look forward to every month’s release!

Xx Erin

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